In the interests of *not* going insane, I figured I’d intersperse new posts for Yule with some of my older ones… Or maybe I’m being lazy again… Either way, enjoy!

bay witch musings

And praise to the sun, whose light sparks all life.

from A Return of the Light by Carolyn Edwards

We have been careful to fill our children’s lives and heads with stories.  We have not cared so much about the accuracy of said stories, so much as the message.  In general, some of them may be true, while others tell a greater truth than literalism could ever hope to reflect–sometimes, the greatest truths are not really true at all.  Because we often discuss the nature of truth and stories and how something doesn’t need to be “real” to be “important”, and that “belief” does not make something “real” I have never really worried about the slippery nature of truth.  For a four year old, Chickadee has shown herself to be quite wise on the subject…and Sharkbait doesn’t really care yet, as long as its a good story.  Like the sorts of…

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