You know those days where you don’t want to roll out of bed?

The one where an entire pot of your favorite tea (or coffee) isn’t enough to push the cobwebs away and the entire contents of your private pharmacopia (herbal and conventional) and an hour long steamy, eucalyptus laden shower isn’t enough to depressurize your sinuses?  When your head is throbbing in a combination of winter weather hatred and straight up life apathy that makes you want to drive a stake right through your frontal bone into the occipital with a sledgehammer?

Those days when you start out lying to yourself that “I can do this, I can function” until, after an hour or two (or 10 minutes) of trying, you finally give in to “I really don’t care what is going on around me, as long the house isn’t on fire”?  When all you want is to lie in oblivion until you feel human again, or at least capable of humane behavior?

I’m having one of those days.

I called in sick to work because work with the public and I doubted my ability to sound a) sane or b) like I cared…and there was the part about doubting my ability to function without snotting all over everyone.  My head feels like a turtle that someone purposely ran over.  People purposely run over turtles.  I’m pretty sure this would be something that would piss me off, but I feel too cruddy to care.

I probably shouldn’t be blogging, will all this snot and apathy clogging up my head.

I wouldn’t even be blogging right now, except that I got tired of laying in bed and drinking tea.  And I felt compelled today (in the hour where all the meds overlapped) to comment on a lovely blog post about being more authentic…so, here’s to taking off the make-up and the party dress!

By the way, have you ever seen Katy Perry without make up? She looks like she could be my neighbor.



Right now blogging is preferable to trying to figure out why Chickadee and Sharkbait are being so obnoxious to one another today.  Today, that is Daddy-Man’s job.  As are the dishes, the laundry, the kitchen and bathroom cleanliness, meal times and all that Other Parent Stuff.

There are about 2500 Lego pieces strewn about my living room right now.  Also, I just stepped in a piece of pancake from this morning.

I. Don’t. Care.

At least, not right now.

…maybe tomorrow, if I decongest at all.