I love it when I come across something that I’ve wanted to talk about but haven’t gotten to it yet, and its just so damn well done that I have to share it! This is one of those posts…the details might differ a bit, but the sentiment I’m in total agreement with.

The Dreaming Wood

I remember, several years ago, coming across this question frequently in forums or other places ’round the net: Where do I find books that are beyond Paganism (or Wicca, or Magic) 101? And I remember thinking ‘Yeah! Where are they, anyway?’ Was there a secret handshake that I needed to know or something?* Even after I moved on into what I later realized was ‘clearly beyond 101’ territory, that quandary always stuck with me.

Now, several years later, maybe I can give a little opinion and insight into that burning question that I, along with so many others, was pondering. Let’s break it down a bit, shall we?

1) What does ‘Beyond 101’ mean, anyway?

In this case I’m referring to, really, any kind of magical or occult knowledge that’s not likely to be covered in a book by Llewellyn publishing. There seems to be an endless stream of books…

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