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The conversation I woke up to went something like this:
Sharkbait: Fifi*, you need to learn to go poop. I’m a big boy, I know how to go poop the right way. You need to watch and learn.
Chickadee: I don’t need to learn to go poop. I’ve known how to for longer than you have.
Sharkbait: But I do it better, come watch and learn how to poop like a man.
Chickadee: I’m NOT a man, and neither are you. And that is just gross, I don’t want to watch you poop. I know how already.

*Sharkbait has called his sister Fifi, since he was learning to talk, and couldn’t pronounce her name.

First Tea of the Day: Constant Comment…its my go-to, low prep tea!

I’ve slowly been making some changes over at Pagan Devotionals.  One of these days I might even find a theme I like, but until then…  My goal is to make it a multiple author blog, with a combination of prayers, devotionals, artwork, songs, etc, from a variety of paths and traditions, as well as discussions about individual’s spiritual practices and challenges to maintaining a personal (or group) practice.  So far, I’ve managed to nab two fellow Pagan Forum members and bloggers to contribute…and I’m putting a shout out to any other readers that might be interested.  There are no deadlines, no contribution requirements, other than offering proper attribution if work is not original, and making sure it can be considered in the realm of Paganism (or that you can explain how it relates to your practice).  If you are interested, drop me a line in the comments, or via my email!!

If you’ve ever “wandered off the path”, so to speak, and wanted to find a good way to get back on it…check out these blog posts from one of our members @ Pagan Forum:
Jem’s “Respiritualization” Part OnePart Two, and a Chakra test

Downton Abbey, FTW.  I finally got to watch the season premiere of season 3!!  I feel like such a fangirl.  I totally need the FREE BATES t-shirt PBS sells, lol.  Anyone else a fan around here?

” They won’t magically turn you into a lustful cockmonster.” (Christ Kluwe on gay marriage) Thanks Mother Jones for redeeming a segments of the NFL for me. I cannot wait to see this guy on Colbert!  AND, he plays WoW.

#firstthirtyone photos: Its official, I just can’t get in the habit of posting a pic as a post…I’m not a photo blogger, it makes me feel weird. I realized that with the whole “Wordless Wednesday” meme. Pictures tell a story, but sometimes the story they tell is what isn’t in the picture. Luckily this challenge is about taking pics and doesn’t have that restriction!  But I still can’t get into the habit of just posting a pic as a post!  So here are the last few days…

5-Five (What 5 looks like when its tired, at the end of the day)

(What 5 looks like when its tired, at the end of the day)

6-Gray(or, more appropriately, haze gray, aka Measure 13, the Navy's officially color for ships)

(or, more appropriately, haze gray, aka Measure 13, the Navy’s officially color for ships)





Moment of Zen:

If we are to fully embrace living a magical life it is important to remember how to live in our bodies comfortably and safely. If we re-awaken all of our senses, our awareness is expanded and our perceptions clarify and develop. Without this, our magical life will not develop as it could. Our enjoyment of all that is Sacred will be impeded as if walled in and separated from all that is possible.

from the blog post Embody the Sacred – Engaging Through the Senses by Deanne Quarrie @ Feminism and Religion

Not so moment of zen:
The Republican House of Representatives has tacitly decided to allow the Violence Against Women Act to expire, in yet another example of their ability to do absolutely nothing good for this country. I try really, really hard not to be overtly political, with the thinking that politics isn’t really the point of this blog. I’m sure though, from my POV’s on a variety of subjects that one could easily figure out that I’m fairly liberal and I tend to vote in that direction. But I have a feeling that the lack of political discussion here is about to change, so I apologize in advance, but my Pagan feminist environmentalist veteran panties are in a twist. Whatever you do, which ever side of the party line you might be on…please, contact your representative–there is NO good reason that this bill was not passed, and they plan to try again. One voice may not sway some of these Connie morons* willing to sell their mothers and daughters down river, but we are 50% freaking percent of the country.

*Not all conservatives, or even Republicans, are “Connie morons”. But the House speaker, Eric Cantor, and all the Tea Party/Bircher shenanigan folks…they qualify.

And one last parting thought before I’m off to work…

One armed man cannot resist a multitude, nor one army conquer countless legions; but not all the armies of all the empires of earth can crush the spirit of one true man. And that one man will prevail.
— Terence MacSwiney