Sedna, by Thalia Took

black eyes peer from blackness
hair like tangled seaweed, current tossed
framed in the gates of gleaming white bone
so young to be so cold
anger buried deep

encased in Ice
rage a frozen scream
hands hacked to pieces
cannot even brush her tangled hair
the dark is silent
the deep is still

She waits
Her blood flows in sticky metallic drips
eddying into dark cold waters
flows into the shapes
dolphins whales seal otter shark
keening as harpoons strike

she feels each hit
as if it were her own flesh

She waits
She sees Her children sinking, motionless
She sees their blood flow into the black water night

when She rises
who will pay Her price
who will brush her tangled hair

when the ice cracks
can you appease her hidden rage