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Disclaimer: I am not a physician.  I have medical experience and I have a long time interest in herbalism, that is all.  This information is not meant as a substitute to actual medical care from a medical professional.  Use at your own terms and at your own risk.  And for Pete’s sake, if you think that you have a serious injury, please go to the freaking emergency room!!


Initial Care:
For a basic severe wound: Apply pressure to the wound with a sterile (or at least CLEAN) dressing (improvised dressings include clothing, towels, etc). Elevate the wounded area if possible and not contraindicated.  Apply compression to the artery at the corresponding pressure point.

For self-treatement:
*Powdered cayenne, sprinkled directly on the wound will initially sting like a mutha effer, but is known to staunch or slow bleeding and MAY reduce pain (capsaicin, the active ingredient is a known pain reliever, though scientific literature indicates that it takes it takes effect over time).
*Powdered kelp, powdered yarrow and powdered plantain can also be used in combination with or without powdered cayenne for the same purpose
*Yarrow tincture on a compress can be used for moderate bleeding


*If treating a MINOR wound, CLEAN WOUND FIRST (rinse and wash wound with soap or other antibacterial substance, THEN apply herb.
*For basic cuts and scrapes, dilute an Echinacea tincture with water to wash the wound and apply a basic healing salve

All-purpose healing salve

1part dried comfrey leaves
1 part dried lavender flowers
1 part dried calendula flowers
1 part dried plantain
1 part dried St Johns wort flowers
1 part dried yarrow

Infuse in olive oil-grapeseed oil combination, strain.  Add 10 drops of tea tree oil per ½ cup of infused oil.  In double boiler, heat oil and add 1 oz cocoa butter, and then SLOWLY add beeswax to desired consistency (test by dipping a spoon/stick/etc into the mix, and allowing to cool).


The only way to get rid of a bruise once it has formed is time (or leeches, but that is really only advisable with a medical professional).  A bruise develops as a result of blood that has collected in an area of injury, under the skin. FYI: A tendency to bruise easily may be a symptom or sign of another medical condition. Some herbal remedies are said to reduce bruising and/or help it “clear” faster.

*Benzonite clay, arnica tincture, St John’s wort infused oil or tincture and lavender essential oil can be mixed into an herbal paste/plaster and applied to bruised areas to minimize and reduce bruising and swelling.
*Arnica tincture, St John’s wort tincture, and chamomile and lavender essential oil can be mixed with witch hazel and applied with a compress to minimize bruising.

Burns and Sunburns

Initial Care:
For a first or second degree burn, apply cold water…depending on the severity of the burn, this can be for anywhere from 5-20 minutes.  For a second degree burn, also loosely cover in gauze to protect blistered skin. Try here for more information, including what to do for third degree burns.

NOTE: Do NOT use oil based remedies on a burn.  Butters, oils, lard, petroleum based products, etc. will trap in heat and can cause the burn to be more severe.  Essential oils, particularly if diluted into a water based substances are okay, since essential oils are highly volatile and evaporate quickly.

*For areas that you can treat on your own, after applying cold water try applying lavender essential oil mixed into aloe vera gel (5 drops per tablespoon).
*Honey, lavender essential oil, tea tree oil and a chamomile and water infusion can be applied as a wash to minimally burned areas.
*For sunburn, take a bath with lavender essential oil, lavender and/or chamomile flowers, green or black tea, or apple cider.
* Mash ripe strawberries and apply directly to sunburned skin or thinly slice cucumber and place them on sunburned areas.