…I can’t wait for the ‘to be continued!



Once upon a time (which is to say — although the storytellers have always left this part out, at first because it was too obvious to need saying and, then, as the years passed, because everyone, even the storytellers, forgot that it was true — once upon a place), there was a place that did not have a Witch.

And so there’s the beginning (a very delicate time, as Princess Irulian (who knew a bit about the relationship between time and place and their importance for story) warned us): one sentence, commencing, as stories do, with the ritual words, “Once upon a time.” And, yet, from that one sentence, an attentive reader already understands: “Ah, so, this is an ‘A Stranger Comes to Town’ story.” Settle in; indeed, that is exactly what kind of story this is, and in, as I hope to show, more ways than one.

Now, it’s…

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