Tuesday Musings

I had to call into work Mom today.  I’m not sick, but Sharkbait is.  Chickadee wasn’t feeling well either, but she wasn’t running a fever so I sent her to school anyhow.  Right now he’s napping and I’m watching BBC’s Lost Kingdoms of Africa.  

Also, my brother  went for (more) tests at their Children’s Hospital–last week, they discovered a golf ball sized legion in his lung.  They’ve ruled out tuberculosis, but not much else.  He’s been sick for a couple weeks now, and we could use any prayers or positive energy to spare.  Like most teenagers, the last thing he wants to be doing is being bored with nothing to do!

UPDATE:  Its pneumonia with a large, walled cyst, that appears to be responding well to the antibiotics!

First tea of the day: peppermint and lemon balm with honey

Interestingly, that particular tea blend is the recipe for Dorothy Morrison’s ‘Anger Out Tea’.  The charm for the recipe goes something like this,”Cool my anger, herbs of mint; honey sweeten my intent; my attitude I aim to change, toss heat of temper out of range” (that might not be exact).

And perhaps the tea has done its job, because here’s what I found all about my blogroll and FB feed:

Ah, Faux News…why am I not surprised?!?

You know what…I refuse to feed the troll.  I get why people are pissed, and I largely agree with them.  But I’m going with starving the beast.  Faux News is on the downslide right now, and I’m not going to give them the free PR of making this a controversy.  Faux News is not worth my time, my effort, my energy.  I am going to mention it this once, and move on.

foxIf we really want to combat Faux News and their ilk on this issue, the solution isn’t badly worded petitions and grammatically incorrect protest emails.  Nor is it pointing out Faux’s inaccuracies (though funny) or having non-Pagan support (though welcome) for their idiocy.   The solution is not to play into their hands ith hysterical anger.  The solution is compassionate education, solidarity with other Pagans, and most of all, being the regular, everyday, intelligent, go-to person in your community/circle of acquaintances that just happens to be Pagan.  That way, when people hear Faux News & Ilk, they have a real-life person to reference. And now, to move on…

A MUST READ: Part 2 of A Place Without a Witch, by Hecate Demeter (after reading Part 1, of course)

I’ve been thinking about the whole food-relationship thing, now that I have to think about what I eat before I eat it…and I really like this post, which talks about the difference between so-called “emotional eating” (better called abusing food) and actually eating emotionally, which is a good thing.

You must emotionally eat. Eating is not a logical game. Eating is an emotional game, an intuitive and gut-led practice, an “I-can’t-explain-why-I-crave-tuna-right-now” (or brownies, or crackers). You cannot rationalize everything you eat. You cannot eat in a bubble. You cannot only eat when you are completely emotionally neutral. You cannot only eat things because they are “the best and healthiest foods”. Because that is disordered eating. That is where we ran into trouble before, because that is where we start striving for perfection where perfection doesn’t exist. (source)


a random photo of jellyfish taken with my cell phone the last time we visited the aquarium

Blog Post Rodeo–5 posts I like:

Also, this week will be pretty busy, and I probably won’t have anything to post til this weekend…

So have a wonderful rest of the week!


P.S.  Except for tomorrow…I have some lovely pics to post from our Sunday in Washington D.C.  We went to the climate change rally until the weather got to the kidlets, and then we warmed up at the Air & Space Museum.

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7 responses to “Tuesday Musings

  • poppyunderhill

    :) love the food for thought :) as far as Faux I could not agree with you more. If we are who we are and people see who we are they are less likely to believe crazy.

    You know your not the first person to be shocked that I would plan so early but I figure I will just give ideas every Sunday for the next upcoming holiday because I A. love a party and any reason to celebrate. and B. I like to plan ahead because it is a mind game I play with myself to pretend that someone else did the work. LOL and C then Little and I can find crafts and what not so we can make them in the mean time. I know I’m crazy :)

    Anyway I am very glad you liked it and I can’t wait to make those rice balls too! Our Egg Day is March 10th this year so if you do it before then let me know if it needs tweaking :)

    And of course thank you so much!

  • poppyunderhill

    ug I just noticed I use way to many smiley faces.

  • Charlotte

    Big get wells to the little man…I’ve got two unwell kids atm too…I purposely didn’t click the play button up there – not because I don’t care but because I propose to keep you as my source of information on Wicca/Pagan/Earth connect beliefs. (Excuse my ill educated terminology there too, I know people assume an umbrella when it comes to any similar belief system but I am not)
    It is rather weird by a few other blogs are chatting about food and emotions, or instinctual eating this week as well – I’ve been recommended to read a book called Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon and Mary Enig…I’ve ordered it from the library, just wondered if you’d read it/what you thought of it?
    Sheesh, Poppy might feel like she uses too many smiley faces but I am the slash queen here lol :) and you are right, never too many smiles :)

    • thalassa

      lol! Your terminology is fine!

      I’ve read Nourishing Traditions…I like the recipes, but some of the advice and reasoning I think should be taken with a grain of salt. Having a decent background in both science and convention medicine and alternative medicine, I don’t think one should throw the baby out with the bathwater in either direction…and the book has a tendency to do that.

      • Charlotte

        That is good to know – I was very interested to see what everyone was on about but they were all very much “in” to the whole thing and I am more critical of things that are too extreme in any way. I read a book about raw food for cats and dogs that was similar (I think) in that it basically seemed grounded in evidence (this is what they eat in the wild) but seemed to ignore that they also survive and thrive just fine on commercial food….the information they gave was that your pet would pass away from something horrible very early on unless it ate what it would should it be a wild dog or cat….so I’m thinking that same sort of ignoring of people’s ability to adapt and survive will be ignored too.

  • deb

    i started to watch that video but had to turn it off–i can’t even give audience to that stuff. it’s funny, i had a wierd comment on my blog just this a.m. After looking at the person’s profile, I decided they were not someone I wanted to engage with.(and wierdly they came over from uupdates!–where I saw you btw :) ) A friend said, “that must be so hard” (to ignore hateful trolly people). When I first established an online presence, it was. But I’ve gotten better at it because I can see these people aren’t actually looking for debate. I love how you put it: “The solution is compassionate education, solidarity with other Pagans, and most of all, being the regular, everyday, intelligent, go-to person in your community/circle of acquaintances that just happens to be Pagan.” great strategy!

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