Caker Cooking with Crescent Rolls

For all I talk about eating local, mostly plants (a la Michael Pollan), etc…sometimes you need quick and easy comfort food.  Sometimes you care more about the yum than the health.  And you don’t want to be wilting away in the kitchen with a home full of guests that you’d rather be chilling with.  Your solution is here!  All you need is some creativity, and crescent rolls in a can…its the ultimate in caker cooking!

Maybe I should have called this post “food I used to be able to eat, before gluten turned on me”.

Apple Turnovers

Thinly slice apples and layer slices on the crescent roll, sprinkle a wee bit of brown sugar and cinnamon, and fold up. Dust on some cinnamon, and bake following the directions on the can.

Asparagus and Bacon Wrap

Wrap asparagus (fresh or frozen) in crescent rolls and wrap everything in bacon.  If you use fresh asparagus, cover the ends in foil.  Sprinkle with lemon pepper and garlic salt and bake according to the directions on the can, plus a few minutes (just keep an eye on it).

Breakfast Pizza

Flatten out the crescent rolls and press together either on a cookie sheet in a rectangle or into a pizza pan as a circle.  You may want to make a raised edge with the crust.  Sprinkle with cooked bacon and/or sausage crumbles and/or ham, frozen hash browns or shredded potato, veggie chunks, or other toppings.  Whisk 3 eggs  and pour evenly over the toppings.  Sprinkle seasonings (I like basil and minced garlic with a tiny bit of lemon pepper) and cheese, then bake.

PB & J Pockets

When I was a kid, I always wanted to make grilled PB & J…which is pretty much a toasted cheese sammy, minus the cheese and substitute with PB&J.  Except its really, really messy…peanut butter does *not* melt like cheese.  So, my momma came up with the idea of using crescent rolls–put a scoop of PB, and another of J into the big triangle part of one crescent roll, and place another on top, pressing together the edges.  One can makes 4 pockets.  You could just as easily add cheese, and other toppings as well to make your own “Hot Pockets”.