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The STORY Method

You may not have known, but its apparently not enough to just read to your children at bed time.

Really. There’s actually a technique to it…

I’m pretty fond of this, since its pretty close to what we naturally do anyhow when we read a story.  But…I’m amused that it has its own acronym!

Start with the title

  • Identify the title, the author, and (if there is one) the illustrator (explain what these roles are if needed)
  • Point out the cover and the title page
  • Ask kids to predict what the story might be about by the title and the cover art

Tell the story

Act out the story using different voices for different characters, inflection and enunciation, etc.  Be dramatic and make it fun.  Point out key words.  Encourage the kids to follow along with you.  If there are repetitive terms or words, point them out, and develop a cue so they can chime in and help tell the story.

Offer information

Every few pages, stop and look at the illustrations.  Have the kids describe in their own words what is going on.  Further explain difficult concepts and ideas.

Review and Discuss

Ask comprehension questions.  Have children retell the story using the illustrations as a guide.  Discuss the characters and their motivations, the underlying message of the story, etc.  Discuss if they have ever felt like the character  or what they think it would be like to be in a similar situation, etc.

Your child’s turn

  • Draw a picture from the story
  • Make a collage about something in the story (the location, a character, etc)
  • Write a sequel or a prequel to the story
  • Retell the story as a song or pantomime
  • Create and share a new story with the same carachters