We tend to celebrate Ostara after the fact.  Chickadee’s birthday is on Ostara, and we’ve gotten in the habit of celebrating it the weekend prior and Ostara the weekend afterwards.  This way we have some recovery time between the two, and one doesn’t get lost in the shadow of the other too much.  So last weekend, we hosted the Mermaid Birthday Slumber Party.


If I had time (or money to blow), I might have done something like this (or a simple skirt with elastic at the bottom and “fins”) for the girls to decorate.  We might even have done a little craft like these two, with clothespins.  I could have checked out Disney’s site, since they have plenty of printables and other activities (I’m neither a Disney princess loving or hating parent–my parental motto is “outside time, books, and tea to the max, everything else in moderation”).  We might even have made a mess in the kitchen making sand dollar cookies (they are even gluten free!).  We might even have done these adorable fish bowl drinks (obviously the kid’s version) or played mermaid games that mom made or even gotten (or made) all the girls these adorable frou frou hair clips!.  And this, how adorable!

Holly Carp!  I certainly don’t have time to do all of that, or the money to get someone else to do it for me.  If you do, more power to you.  I mean, the pintrest pics are adorable when you search “mermaid party”.  But there’s part of me that can’t help but wonder who is that party really for–the kids, or the mom?

Lets just say that Chickadee’s party wasn’t as cool or pretty as any of those, and leave my bitchiness out of it!

She loved it anyway. It probably could have been (with more time and the money) more like the pintrest mermaid parties, but…what little girl wants mom (or dad) to coordinate and finagle an entire evening?  Kids want to play (without our interference).  So, mostly we let them play.


Stingrays–we made symmetry paintings with glitter glue pens and yarn for tails. I got the idea from a preschool science program I created for work.  The only “tricky” thing I had to do was cut out the stingray shape onto some construction paper.

We did a couple of themed food and art projects, but for the most part, the girls played in “the kid room”.  I kept the (short and easy) activities for when the kids started getting too out of control, or bickering (a bunch of 5-7 year old girls, and its bound to happen a time or two).  And when it came time to settle down for the night, we put Little Mermaid on.

We ate pizzas that we cut to look like sea shells and fish.  The girls made rice krispie “sushi” (thanks to Little Miss’s mom bringing the fixin’s over)–and likely had much more fun making a mess in my kitchen than if I had made them ahead of time as a snack.  We painted some plaster mermaid figurines that I picked up at work (I live in the city of mermaids, so it might come as no surprise that the maritime museum has an entire mermaid section), though there are some cute mermaid crafts that could have been done on the cheap (but still cute) instead–I did like the clothespin mermaids. We also made stingray paintings, and a great alternative would have been these paper plate jellyfish using ribbon and sewing leftovers.

Rice Crispy Sushi

Just make Rice Crispy square mix as you normally would (the recipe is usually on either marshmallows or the Rice Crispy box), and spread a layer on a fruit roll-up, use gummi worms for the middle, roll it up and cut.  You can also use Swedish fish, and make it look more like nigiri (the rice with the fish on top, that sometimes has the little seaweed “ribbon”).  You could also do this with alternatives–your own fruit leather, dried fruits, etc (for events like birthdays and such, I don’t usually sweat the red dye and massive amounts of sugar).


A small tip–so, we made these “to go”, in the morning, rather than chowing down on them at night.  Chickadee ended up taking a piece in her lunch for the week.  Honestly, its an adorable idea and the girls had a blast, if you can stand the temporary sugar shock!