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It doesn’t smell like turpenine or smell like India Ink–that would be Love Potion #9!

Love Potion #37, on the other hand, is quite tasty and looks more like liquid roses (or blood for the macabre-like-my-hubby crowd).  And, it won’t find you love.  However, it might just put you in the mood for it.  Use it with a partner or alone, its great for anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, and grown-up Beltane celebrations!

Warning:  If you have problems with alcohol or alcoholism, this is not the recipe for you!

Love Potion #37
wide mouthed quart jar
a 750 mL bottle of Amaretto (I like di Amore–its pretty tasty and rather affordable)
4 T hibiscus
4 T damiana
4 T honey
1 T mulling spice
1 T jasmine
1 t cardamom

Put herbs and alcohol in the jar, shake daily for the first week.  Infuse 4-6 weeks in cool, dark place. Strain out alcohol and rebottle.

Love Potion # 37 is technically a tincture, though not as strong as your typical medicinal tincture.  Its made in pretty much the same way(if you aren’t all that familiar with tincture making, check out the video below!), although it contains a bit less alcohol than using 100 proof vodka (50% alcohol is the typical amount of alcohol in a tincture).

You can drink it straight (its best cold), on the rocks, topped off with either water or sprite for a less alcolic beverage (I quite like it this way), or made into an amaretto sour or similar drink.  It is effective in spells and rituals based around one’s relationship, as well as divination concerning love and relationships.

The Herbs
Here’s a list of the herbs in the tincture, and their applicable magical correspondences and medicinal properties…
Damiana–lust, love, and visions (magical); digestive aid, nerve and reproductive tonic (medical); reputed aphrodesiac
Hibiscus–lust, love, and divination (magical); digestive aid and improves circulation (medicinal)
Jasmine–love and dream prophecy (magical); liver tonic and digestive aid (medicinal); reputed aphrodesiac
Cardamom–lust and love (magical); stimulant, digestive aid (medicinal); reputed aphrodesiac
Allspice*–luck and healing (magical); digestive aid (medicinal)
Clove*–love (magical); digestive aid, male reproductive tonic (medicinal)
Ginger*–love and power (magical); mild stimulant, promotes circulation, and digestive aid** (medicinal)
Orange peel*–love and divination (magical); digestive aide, liver tonic (medicinal)

*from the mulling spices
**you may have noticed that all of these herbs are digestive aids, if it seems peculiar that I’ve listed this as a related medicinal property, think about the parts of the body where the digestive system is located in conjunction with the associated chakras…plus, who wants sex when their tummy hurts, lol?!?



Making it (more) Magical: Another option to consider when making potions is to “brew” at the appropriate point in the moon’s cycle, for one full cycle (as well as other considerations like time of day, etc). Also, use the time “shaking” or mixing the potion to charge it, particularly the first week. If one is doing any energy work in conjunction with making the potion, I’d recommend doing so during the mixing, straining or bottling steps.

(If you were wondering, why #37, its my own notation for making concoctions–it would more accurately read 3-7 for the 7th “try” of the third series of love potions…the first series is water infusions, second series is for oil infusions, etc)