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Thank the gods!  Michele Bachman isn’t running in the next election…

And in other news, my living room is a mess after Sharkbait tipped over a bowl of “kid mix” into his already upturned Lego mess, and proceeded to dance in it and toss it all about.  I was in the bathroom, cleaning the shower.  I think I’m going to leave it for The Hubby to clean up when he gets home from work.  Partly because I’m evil like that, and partly (mainly) because I have the AC off and the windows open, and all I really want to do is swing on the porch and drink lemon aid…but we don’t have a porch, nor do we have any lemons.  So, I’m going to go with not cleaning as my consolation prize.

Instead, I’m engaging in a spot of totally flighty and environmentally unsound vanity–I’m bleaching the bottom six inches of my hair, and then I’m going to dye it blue.  You might be wondering “Why!?!”  And I can really only say “Why not?”

There’s part of me (the mom part) that says “Dude, don’t you think you are a little old for that?” and another part of me (the employed part) that says “Ummm…pretty sure that’s not entirely professional…” But mostly–I didn’t really get that much opportunity to do crazy hair stuff in high school (I wasn’t rebellious enough to go behind my mom’s back, and my mom was so reasonable in letting my dye my hair in the first place, that I wanted to be responsible about it) and I just never bothered to in college…and after that, I was in the military.  I could have done it right after the military, but I didn’t (though I did get highlights and had some clip in streaks).  And I guess, I’m thinking to myself…my hair has never been this long in my entire life, and I need to get it cut (lots of split ends)…but I want to do something funky, just once.  I’m pretty sure I can do my hair for work in a way that won’t be very noticeble.

So here goes (pics to follow) nothing!

Randomly, I’ve decided to make my own runes.  And when I say “my own runes”, I mean literally making my own little symbols from my own little observations on my own little stones or such.  I’m actually thinking about using Popsicle sticks, decorating the bottom halves and and drawing them from a cup.

The ends of my hair are just a tad orange right now…

FINALLY, ITS GETTING HOT!!!  I love summer weather…the poor hubby though, he’s not a hot weather sort of guy.  Its the one area of our relationship where we are miss-matched.  He’s an Arctic Canada sort of guy, and I’m a baking hot Caribbean beaches sort of girl!

Summer weather means Kitchen Sink Smoothies for Breakfast!  I’ve been doing “everything but the kitchen sink” smoothies for breakfast as a way to get some fruits and veggies on the run.  I just don’t have enough time in the morning otherwise.  Saturday I chopped up 10 quart sized bags of fruit and veggies and tossed them in the freezer–the “rule” is to have something of (nearly) every color in each bag, and to have a good combination of fruits and veggies over the week, then I toss ’em in the blender with kefir, yogurt, juice, apple sauce, or even just water (yesterday I used canned peaches).  For breakfast today I had strawberry-sweet potato-kumquat-pineapple-lemon balm and mint-kale-mulberry with kefir smoothie…and guess what?!?  It was freekin’ yummy!  And filling…  I’m thinking about tossing in some flax seeds tomorrow.  Any ideas for simple add-ins?

Almost time for blue hair…

So…lets talk sun screen!  Along with my current hair project (btw, I’m solidly orange at the tips right now), one area where I make allowances for the non-organic, environmentally un-friendly and self-serving is with sun screen.  I’m a believer.   I have faith.  After years as a life guard and avowed sun-worshipper…in this case, I believe in the magic and holiness of petrochemical derivatives slathered on my skin.  My great-grandmother died of melanoma, my grandfather just had several melanoma spots removed, and I have vitiligo.  And yeah, I’ve tried natural alternatives (coconut oil, for example)…they don’t work all that well (I work outside)–particularly with the vitaligo and/or aren’t conductive to the sorts of outdoor activities that I enjoy, or are potentially just as bad for the environment anyhow (zinc and titanium come from mining after all).

With all of that said, I really like this stuff (and no, they didn’t pay me or provide me a free sample to say that!  though it would be nice, lol)…although, since I have to order it online, sometimes I end up getting other stuff in a pinch.  When you are looking for and using sunscreens, remember the following:

  • SPF indicates how much UVB ray protection you are getting–look for sun screens that say “broad spectrum.  Labeling rules for the FDA now require testing showing UVA protection equal to the UVB protection before a company can call a product “broad spectrum”.
  • Wear at least an SPF 15 if you want to prevent aging and skin cancer, as opposed to just preventing sun burn (another reason why things like coconut oil aren’t really good enough if you are in a high risk category for skin cancer), but don’t bother buying anything over an SPF 50.  When it comes to SPF, SPF 15 blocks about 94% of UVB rays, SPF 30 blocks about 97%, and SPF 50 blocks about 98%.  No sunscreen blocks 100% of UVA or UVB rays.
  • Apply enough sunscreen.  Dermatologists estimate that you need two full shot glasses of sunscreen for the “average” adult body.  Most people don’t apply enough sunscreen–even among parents, most parents only use 1/2 or even 1/4 of what they should on their children.  When I put sunscreen on my kids, I put it on and keep putting it on until it doesn’t “soak in” at all (yeah, we all run around streaky for a while).
  • Reapply frequently.  I cannot stress this enough.  Reapply, reapply, reapply.  The official recommendation in normal conditions is every 2 hours…if you are sweating or swimming, it needs to be more often than that.  There is no such thing as sweatproof or waterproof suscreens, only resistant ones.  We reapply every 60-90 minutes.  Also, apply your first application of sunscreen about 20-30 minutes BEFORE getting in the sun, and then a second time, about 30-40 minutes after getting out into the sun (then reapply as needed).
  • Remember that sunscreen is meant to be for the times when there is no alternative to being in the sun!  If you can stay out of the sun on especially sunny days and/or during the peak sun hours (usually 10-2), do so.  For example, we generally do our trips to the beach first thing in the morning, around 7:30 am until about 10 or 10:30 or after 4 in the evening…the added benefit is that both tire everyone out enough for a nice nap or for bedtime!  If you can’t stay out of the sun, look into sun protective clothing.

A conversation I recently had with my daughter (and the hubby) went something like this…

Chickadee says to The Hubby: Do I have a proper name?
The Hubby says back: What do you mean, a proper name?
Chickadee says: You know, a name that lots of people share with me!
The Hubby says: OH! You mean a POPULAR name… (looks at me) Honey? Is her name popular?
Me to Chickadee: Yeah, we didn’t plan it that way, but it ends up that your name is pretty popular. Is that all right?
Chickadee: Oh, that is great! I have the BESTEST IDEA EVER!
Me: Really?
Chickadee: YEAH! I’m going to throw a S_________ party!
Hubby: A S________ party? What’s that?
Chickadee: A party for everyone named S________! But Mom, I might need your help.
Me: Okay, what’s the problem?
Chickadee: How are we going to have enough food?
Me: Oh. Yeah, I can’t cook for that many people.
Hubby: What about a potluck?
Me: There we go–all of the S_________’s in the world can bring a dish of their favorite food to share with the other S_____________’s!
Chickadee (unconvinced): But…there wouldn’t be enough tables.
Me: Well, what if every town with an S________ put up a few tables in their town square, and all of the S_______’s brought their favorite foods, and they could all hang out and talk together?
Chickadee: I guess that sounds like a good idea…but…how am I going to visit all of those towns to make sure they have napkins?

And in the Pagan world…there’s a current-ish (from about a week or so ago) dust up over mythic heros vs. fictional superheros as the recipients of reverence in the private practice of some Pagans.  Now, why the heck some Pagans are getting their noses all bent out of shape over what some other Pagans do in their own practices, I’m not sure.  My momma once told me “When the whole damn neighborhood lives in glass houses don’t throw rocks, or ya’ll will end up homeless.”

Look…Luke Skywalker and Harry Potter exist because myth exists, and because myth is not static, and because the threads of myth can be retwined and redyed and rewoven and rethreaded and reembellished over and over and over and over and still say something about humanity as much as it does divinity.  Not every Pagan believes in the gods or myth the same way.  I might think worshiping Tony Stark is silly, but as an agnostic-leaning pantheistic soft polytheist, I can see a case for using modern storytelling as a segue into a conversation and connection with Divinity.  Its not my place to tell someone else they are doing it wrong (or, for that matter, right).  I wouldn’t for one moment assume, in a world where there are hundreds of thousands of religious denominations, that I had any idea of what “right” looks like for anyone other than myself.

Anyhoo, to get some idea of who says what (if you even care), check out the following link, which lays some of the blogs on the topic.  But there are more, many more (and some of them are quite mean spirited).  The Hubby has some terse and downright hilarious things to say on this subject, so stay tuned for a possible interview!

And check out the hair!


And now, a parting thought before heading to the gym (since I have a rare day to myself!):


Authors and actors and artists and such
Never know nothing, and never know much.
Sculptors and singers and those of their kidney
Tell their affairs from Seattle to Sydney.
Playwrights and poets and such horses’ necks
Start off from anywhere, end up at sex.
Diarists, critics, and similar roe
Never say nothing, and never say no.
People Who Do Things exceed my endurance;
God, for a man that solicits insurance!