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Its that time of year again!

June 1st, the start of Pagan Values Month…  I’ve been participating in this for three of the past four years that its been going on.  If you haven’t participated before, give it a whirl!

I haven’t quite decided what I want to talk about this time out, but in the meantime, I was at a bit of a loss for what I wanted to talk about this time around, so I decided to ask the Hubby if he had any ideas…as a result we will be blogging this time around on honor, courage, commitment, chivalry, and compassion.  In the meantime though, I figured I’d share the list of my past posts…

My Previous Pagan Values Blogging Month topics:
Respect (2009)
Plurality (2009)
Sacredness (2009)
Experiential Gnosis (2009)
Hospitality (2011)
Integrity (2011)
Service (2011)
Conservation (2011)
my body is my temple (2012)
put your money where your mouth is (2012)
live where you are (2012)
pass it on (2012)