I have to share this because, while I do think that “time out” is sometimes a necessary and productive form of discipline , just as often (or more often) behavior “problems” are better solved by discovering and mitigating what causes the behavior while teaching a child a more effective way of dealing with that particular stressor.

The trick is in finding the balance that is appropriate for your child–their maturity, their level of development and comprehension, etc and your family.

A Green(ish) Life


Although a couple years old, the excerpt below, from a post by The Hippie Housewife has some timeless, and extremely productive ideas for gentle discipline:

1. Time-In

Children must be actively parented through their intense emotions in order to learn how to process and move past them in a healthy way. A time-in is a prime opportunity for this type of teaching, providing the child with vital skills that will serve them throughout their life.

Rather than depriving children of their parents’ attention, a time-in is time together to build relationship, communication, and cooperation. It places the parent and child on the same side rather than pitting them against one another.

During a time-in, the parent and child can focus on working through the situation. It is a time of connection that includes both physical touch and eye contact. The parent can teach the child a variety of calming…

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