I love this. I think its a brilliantly written post that everyone should read…and I plan to share it everywhere.

Of Axe and Plough

This came about because the Polytheism Facebook page posted one of John Beckett’s articles from Patheos.  While that article has to deal with the fear of the gods that one might have, it briefly touched on some insecurities that many have had.  I made a comment about lay practice, which has been on my mind since reading this post from the God’s Mouths 2.0 project blog.  Everyone should read it, I think.  Both, in fact.

I have some theories on why so many people have an issue with being “simple” lay practitioners of their faith.  It seems that wherever you turn on the Internet there’s somebody claiming that they have experienced something profound.  Something intensely spiritual or mystical, perhaps intense and vivid out of body experiences/pathwalking sessions, who knows.  That they have some connection to a deity, or have deep, soul-changing trance sessions, or that they might have some more…

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