I was reminded of this post today, on my lunch break, slogging through a particularly long and painful day. …so I thought I’d reblog it.

bay witch musings

I’ve talked before about loving where we live…about making a relationship with where we make our home part of our spiritual lives.  But a good portion of where we live is spent doing something that a good number of us don’t like in a place that many of us loathe.  I am very lucky that I like my job, that I like where I work, that I believe in what I do, and that I like the people that I work with and that I work for.  I have’t always been that fortunate though.  I’ve worked places where I didn’t like the people, or I didn’t like what I did, or where I was…but I’ve generally been lucky enough that I could always find something redeeming, even if it was very small.

Nearly all of us have to work.  Whether we work in the home, or out of it, in…

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