I’m taking some time off blogging.  You may have noticed I’ve not had any new content in the past few weeks…its been hectic.  Sharkbait’s been having difficulty transitioning to school, he’s also had ear infections, my asthma has been acting up, the car’s transmission went out and we had to get a new car, we’ve started the IEP process for Sharkbait, Chickadee has been missing her friend since we moved, and I’ve had a ton to do at work lately.  On top of that, the Hubby started working out of state two weeks ago on a year-long project, so its just the kids and myself.  And, now that I’m working full time again (plus, I don’t have much vacation time built up yet), and the kids are in school (with homework), I just don’t have the time to do everything.  Blogging has fallen by the wayside.

I’ve been feeling a bit like I’ve not only been burning the candle at  both ends, but the flame has finally met up in the middle, and there’s no more candle.

So, I’m taking some me time.  Or fallow time*, as I like to call it.  Its the perfect time of year for it.  I find that when I have spent some time doing this, I usually get really inspired and finish everything in my drafts, and a dozen other posts to boot…not to mention crafts and cleaning projects and all that sort of thing.

Its time to expend less energy on outward expressions, and to tend to fires of the inner cauldron for a bit.


I used to call this “being in a funk”, and I’d sort of wallow in it for a bit, and then feel guilty for it, and then finally yank myself out of the rut in a mad frenzy of activity before wearing myself out again.  Then I decided to change my view of my funk into something that is more constructive in the long run.  Fallow time.  The time when farmers allow their fields to be unproductive and renew its nutrients and capabilities.  Most of us live in a world that is far removed from the natural rhythms of nature–of fertility and productivity punctuated by rest and renewal.  Such an idea is almost…radical (to borrow a phrase).  It might be a time for all of our activity to take a break, but seeing as most of us lack the resources for doing that for any real length of time, I choose to think of it more like crop rotation.   Fallow time isn’t truly unproductive.  Its about giving the soil time to rest, to let it become healthy again.  Sometimes we need to do that in our lives, and there is no shame in it.

(I will still be on FB & Twitter & Instagram, because its easy and quick–something I can do during my lunch break or on my phone (and if I don’t my family nags me for pictures of the kids and info), but I probably won’t have another blog post up until after Yule…unless its a post about Yule)

(plus, I’ve been itching to make some changes to the blog in the upcoming year…this gives me a chance to figure out how I want to change things up a bit)