And, so, on Saturday night — after the chapel Christmas concert and last school party on Friday, after Wii, and after pancake brunch with Mommy, and Daddy, and Granny, and Poppy on Saturday morning, and after the college basketball game with Daddy and Poppy on Saturday afternoon, and after a long ride over the Potomac River, the young man and his family arrived at Nonna’s for Yule.

Now, Nonna was a Witch, and so, for Nonna, the Solstice was the most important Winter holiday. It was really, as his teacher had explained, just astrological, but for his Nonna, the longest night and the shortest day were sacred and so everyone in the family was going over to Nonna’s for dinner. The young man suspected that there might be presents.

When they got to Nonna’s, the table was full and Nonna even had root beer. You see, the young man wasn’t…

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