Note:  I meant to post this for the kiddos on their blog, lol!!  But I’ll leave it here anyhow since its totally cute.  Chickadee dictates to me, and I type for here…but I think we are really close to her typing for herself!

We’ve not done a very good job at keeping up this blog.  Mom says that’s because life gets in the way sometimes of keeping track of it.  I think I know what that means.

skating2 skating3 skating 4 skating skating1

Sharkbait and I are on winter vacation.  We don’t have any school for two weeks because there are lots of holidays right now.  Last week, we celebrated Yule and we went ice skating.  I went around the circle* 13 times!  Collin went around 10 times, but mom only made it 4.  None of us have ever been ice skating before.  Except Dad because he’s from a cold state and went skating as a kid. He was a lot better than we were. 

*Chickadee means she did 13 laps around the rink, lol.  There is an outdoor rink at the mall, which was pretty surreal, because temps got up to the upper 70’s.