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So…I’m a reasonably decent fan of paranormal romance and urban fantasy (I’m also a fan of half a dozen other genres), but for one reason or another, I’ve just now read any of Kim Harrison’s The Hollows books. I read the first one, and found the “supporting cast” and world building interesting enough to keep reading, but…I’m out.

I just finished number 5, and damn! The main character is one heck of a whiny, annoying, idiot to be the protagonist. Ugh. I thought perhaps I would trug onward–its only a couple books to get current (she’s on #12, and it only takes me a couple of hours to read a book like this). But I just can’t. I went on goodreads, to get some idea from reading the reviews if I thought that what she was doing with the storyline was worth reading about a chick that annoys the crap out of me, but I’m just not that interested.

Which really sort of skeeves me off. I’m not sure if I’ve ever mentioned it here or not, but there are only six books that I’ve never finished. And only one series (before this one) that I didn’t see through (okay, three if you count The Babysitter’s Club and Nancy Drew, but those went on forever and I eventually out grew them) til the bitter end. I can’t stand to let that much time, effort, energy, and money go to waste, not knowing how things “end”, even if I’m not fond of how they are unfurling in the first place.


I’m just not that into Rachel Morgan.

She comes off as self-centered, clueless, blundering hack, completely unworthy of any future redemption or growth. A yappy chihuahua gunning after a Rottweiler because its too stupid to stop and think about it first…  Or, more like an emotionally stunted child playing dress-up in grown-up land (with demons, and werewolves, and vampires, oh my!).  And, she needs a serious session with the “What not to Wear” folks on TLC.

Plus, the author killed Kisten.

Can we say “jumped the shark”?

He was adorable. ADORABLE. ADORABLE. Thoughtful, in a bad boy sort of way, with fangs, and a boat.  I love a man (or a vampire) with a boat.

But I can’t keep reading a series because I think the tomato thing is clever and I like the pixie and the elven former-demon familiar.  And, while I’m okay with a certain amount of trope in my fantasy (lets face it, all fantasy is stuffed with trope), I expect it to be camouflaged well enough that it doesn’t feel like I’m slogging through a waste deep swamp of the stuff (I want it to be more like the scene in LOTR The Two Towers, where Frodo is making his way through the Dead Marshes…you should only see trope if you go looking for it on purpose).  So, adios books 6-11 (and upcoming 12), I’m out.

…unless I run out of books to read (this is a real possibility–since I can run through a 400 page paperback in about 3 hours, I frequently run out of new books from my favorite authors to read, and have to adventure into new territory), then *maybe* I’ll consider it.

My OCD will nag me otherwise.