I’m working on making some changes around the house (its back to school time–time for post-summer vacay cleaning frenzy) and personal-life wise (nothing bad, just some post-summer slump recovery), which should hopefully leave me with more blogging time (I have about three dozen half-written posts in my drafts to finish up and start moving out, lol).


In the meantime, I leave you with some good reading:

In Defense of Ecclectic Paganism @ The Allergic Pagan

Hospitality and the Witch @ A Word to the Witch

In praise of the Wheel of the Year @ Under the Ancient Oaks


Stand-by for some new content, some blog redecorating, and maybe even a name change!!

And have a blessed day!


Edited to add:  If you had problems with links, I apologize…I neglected to check to make sure that they worked before I posted and I cut and pasted wrong (I always forget that wordpress includes an http:// already, lol…)