So, I stumbled across this new bloggy series recently, and thought I’d share…

We get many (oh, so many!!) posts over at Pagan Forum (plus I see them elsewhere on the net, and sometimes in person at the local shop I frequent) on “I believe X, what does that make me?” or “I don’t know what tradition I should look into” or “Tradition X is really interesting…but its not the perfect fit” or “I’m new to Paganism and don’t know where to go from here” or…well, you get the idea… Lots of people out there, looking for the name of what they believe in, or a structure to follow that fits what they believe in, or just a place to call their spiritual home where they can meet like minded individuals.

Sometimes people find that. Sometimes they don’t. And sometimes, even when they do, they grow out of it and into something else. I started my path some 22 years ago as a solitary eclectic pre-teen Wiccan armed with Buckland’s Big Blue, Margot Adler’s excellent Drawing Down the Moon, Starhawk, and a battered copy of Dion Fortune’s Sea Priestess that I found in a used book store (also a battered tarot card set and some other repurposed-for-witchery accoutrements I found in the local church thrift store). Today, I’m something entirely different. And along the way, I’ve wandered down a number of paths and learned something from each of them.

But the most important thing I’ve learned is that (whether you are in an established tradition or not) is that we are always paving our own path (now, I probably would have said blazing our own trail…but since the bloggy post series I’m getting ready to link is called Paving Your Own Path, I thought I’d stick with the theme).
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(and I’m guessing she will have more to come!)