I have to write this down before I forget…

I just hacked a recipe for creamed zucchini soup.  OMG, total delish.  See, I saw a recipe for cauliflower soup but didn’t have any in my fridge didn’t want to go to the grocery store til Friday.  So…I made a roux.

And then I grated some garlic into the roux.  How much garlic, you ask?  A lot.  Something like most of an elephant garlic clove.  HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA…let me breathe on you, lol…  We are garlic lovers, and its soup–its not like you actually need a recipe.

Then I used my all fave Better than Bullion (I love this stuff) veggie soup stuff (willing to bet the chicken would have been good too) and water, tossed in some super thinly sliced onion and 5 small-to-medium chopped up zucchini, a bit of thyme and marjoram and red pepper, and a couple of shredded carrots.


(before adding the carrots)

Simmered it (and stirred in a wee side of magic), and the blendered* the crud out of it.  After that, stirred in some (homemade) yogurt and melted in some grated Parmesan (meatless doesn’t mean cheese-less when the hubby is from Wisconsin).



Definitely not lo-cal…but totally delicious.

*Note to self:  Scour thrift stores for an immersion blender.  If necessary, use Kohl’s cash.