When it comes to parenting, I’m very laissez faire about what other people do with their own children, with a few exceptions…and this is one of them. My mother has been a nurse for longer than I have been alive and I work in public health (and before that I as a hospital corpsman) with a degree in biology. I can think of no single more irresponsible act as a parent, when it comes the health and welfare of your own child and their peers, than to choose not to vaccinate.

While I’m pretty sure this will offend some, I feel so strongly about this that I not only think that children whose parents choose not to vaccinate (something different from being unable to vaccinate for medical reasons) should not be allowed in public schools. Additionally, I think that parents who choose to not vaccinate should be held civilly (financially) and criminally (when it results in death or disability) responsible for what is nothing short of child endangerment. In all honesty (though it may lose me a few readers), I find it difficult to think any differently of parents that choose not to vaccinate than I do of parents that pray their children to death from treatable diseases, rather than seeking medical treatment.

This is an excellently written post, that I emphatically approve of and agree with.

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Disclaimer #2: I am taking my gloves off

Few things upset me more than the disturbing movement to stop vaccinating babies and kids. For a while now I’ve been debating whether I should write about it. Having watched an episode of Frontline the other day that dealt with the subject, and almost succumbing to cardiac arrest while screaming at the screen, I decided I cannot stay silent any longer. First of all, let me get this straight out up front: I have a doctoral degree in Biochemistry, three years post-doctoral experience in the Department of Microbiology and Immunology at Stanford, and I taught Microbiology to Medical students in Brazil at Universidade de Sao Paulo. I also worked for about 10 years on basic research into the biotechnology of vaccines.   I’m not bragging, but I am stating my experience, that hopefully will convince…

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