I think I’ll be adding a question 12 to this:

12) How do you determine what actions are right or wrong? What is right? What is wrong? Where do/should our morals and ethics come from? Is anything always right or always wrong? Where does the notion of harm come into play in determing what is right or wrong? Can a right action be harmful or a wrong action be harmless? What do we owe others or ourselves when it is percieved that we have done something wrong (particularly if we don’t see it that way)?

bay witch musings

As some of you may know (my regular readers and my PF buddies!!), I’m one of the administrators/moderators/co-owners/long time members of Pagan Forum, which is a multi-faith religious forum with a mostly Pagan perspective and I’ve been Pagan of one flavor or another for 22 years now, in a variety of settings (speaking in terms of practice, belief, and just plain geography), so I’ve had plenty of opportunities to see people new to Paganism wonder wherem in a plethora of traditions and world views, that they might fit.  When most of us discover Paganism (or any religion, really) it seems that we generally pick the one that resonates with the beliefs we already *grok* as true and sort of evolve from there, rather than the other way around.

Over the years I’ve had some time to take stock of my own journey and the journey of those around me and I’ve found it…

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