My blog will unfortunately not be updated with anything substantial for a bit longer as I refuse to peck out blog posts on my Kindle.

Phaedra Sprockett (my laptop) has died a glorious death. She lasted almost 5 years, a decent life for plastic and silicone and metal bits. We had many fun times together, but the children we a bit harsh on her hardware. I managed to replace her screen twice, but this final injustice (the breaking of her charging port) was just too much for her to bounce back from.

I may try to see if I can get the connection resoldered, but I think the damage is more extensive than that. In the mean time, we are still moving 3 states to the south (and I have a job waiting when I get there)…but in other news, the government may shut down and I might not be working for a few days. Not sure how all of that will pay out when it comes to getting a replacement for my computer.

And now, I’m off to the eye doctor (I got something in my eye over the weekend and now its infected). Oh, the drama!