Honestly, this sounds like great advice anyone going to these things!



I’m heading out tomorrow for Sacred Space, and I thought that it might be worth discussing some common-sense techniques for getting through a Pagan conference.

I came to Paganism via books, back in the days before the internet, back when I lived in an isolated, rural area.  So I’d been reading ABOUT Witches and other Pagans for a number of years before I ever actually MET real Witches and other Pagans.  And, or course, the reality could never have met my fantasies.  Here, I’d been reading these descriptions of perfect love and perfect trust in Drawing Down the Moon and these lovely notions of religion in action in Spiral Dance and The Chalice and the Blade, and then, there they were, real people, with all their warts, not living up to my high, illusionary ideals.

I was not amused.  I spent a long time secured away with only a…

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