Being a parent is probably the most important (and scariest) responsibility they hubby and I have ever undertaken.  As parents it is our duty to be our children’s first guide through life and to know when it is time to let them boldly go out into the world and explore–and make sure that we have given them a good map and compass to start with.

A Children’s Herbal (this section is still in the making)
Nature Prayers for Families
A Pagan Student in Your School
Baby Sling Types
Raising Pagan Children (an article)
Ritual and small children
Mealtime Prayers for Pagan Families
Nightey-Night: Bedtime Prayers for Pagan Babies
Crafts and Projects for Kids
A Book List for Pagan Families

Raising Kids in Religion
Dealing with Anger (Part I, Part II, Part III)
School at Home (Edible Germination, Solar System Mythology)
The Wee Grimoire (The Sabbat Fairies)
Children’s Meditiations (The Year of a Leaf)


Visual Conversations With Babies (article)…this article contains ideas and information for the parents of deaf and hard of hearing children, but I recommend it for all parents of all children, and I encourage them to apply them to their interaction, even with a hearing child, but especially if they have any suspicion at all that their baby might not be hearing to their full ability.
Signing Time and Baby Signing Time I totally recommend these videos, they occasionally have the show on some PBS stations, and clips of the songs are available on YouTube, but nothing beats having the DVD’s (though they are expensive)–think birthday gifts and shower gifts from relatives!!
Alphabet Preschool Activities
This site has loads of downloadable and printable color pages and posters and activities for the alphabet and other subjects appropriate for an older toddler/preschooler.

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