Mermaid Wrap Skirt

HYeah, I let her model her mermaid tail* on top of the table, lol. My mother would be horrified.

For Chickadee’s Mermaid Party, I made the girls mermaid wrap skirts. I’m tossing this in the kid craft section though, because it can easily be a craft for slightly older kids, or turned into a kid’s craft by letting them decorate them (sequins, fabric glue, etc). Also, you might notice Chickadee wearing hers “apron style”–some of the girls prefered this (so it hid their legs in favor of a tail) but some of them prefered the more traditional wrap style, with the longer part in back.

mermaid wrap

*Chickadee is also modeling the ever fashionable “jelly fish hat”…which is really just a variation of the “paper plate jellyfish” craft.


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