Underwater View-finder

Materials Needed:
Metal coffee can and lid
clear plastic or vinyl sheeting

Tools required:
Can opener
Hot glue or silicon (optional)


1. Clean out empty coffee can.

. Using the can opener, remove the bottom of the can–preferably using the sort of can opener that leaves a smooth edge. If necessary though, you can cover the edge with duct tape or sand/burr it down.

3. Cut the middle out of the lid

4. Cut plastic sheeting.

You can use anything from plastic wrap to clear vinyl or even plexi-glass. If you are using something like a plastic bag (slightly heavier duty than plastic wrap) or plastic wrap, be sure to cut about an inch or two extra in diameter–use the lid to hold the bag on, and if you break the piece of plastic, its easy to replace. If you are using something heavy duty that is meant to be permanent, then cut it to fit, and use silicon or hot glue to attach it to the end of the coffee can.

5. Find some water and go have fun!!*

*I’m working on some lesson plans with this, so check back occasionally!


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