Nature Prayers for Families

Let us give thanks for the world around us.
Thanks for all the creatures, stones and plants
Let us learn their lessons and seek their truths,
So that their path might be ours,
And we might live in harmony, a better life.

May the Earth continue to live,
May the heavens above continue to live,
May the rains continue to dampen the land,
May the wet forests continue to grow,
Then the flowers shall bloom
And we people shall live again.

(Anon author in a anthology of Hawaiian indigenous prayers from the book God Has No Religion)

Ancient Sun, eternally young
Giver of life and source of energy,
In coal and oil, in plant and wind and tide,
In spiritual life and human embrace,
You kindle the heavens, you shine within us
(For we are sounds with hearts afire–
We light the world as you light the sky
And find clouds within whose shadows are dark),
We give thanks for your rays.

May we always walk gently upon this earth,
In right relationship,
Nurtured by your love,
Taking only what we need,
Giving back to the earth in gratitude,
Sharing what we have,
Honoring all in reverence,
Reconciling and healing,
Mindful of those who will come after,
Recognizing our proper place as part of,
Not apart from, this creation.

(adapted and abridged from the Prayer for Global Restoration by Michelle Balek)


2 thoughts on “Nature Prayers for Families”

  1. Scottie said:

    I happened upon this blog as I was composing my dads graveside remembrance…i was taking a break while looking for a prayer or something to finish with when I read the last line…I’m just trying to take extravagant pleasure in the act of being alive. Thats the best comment I have seen in awhile. Thanks. it brought up many dad memories. Blob on. s

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