Pagan Pregnancy Correspondences

Associated deities:
Hathor–pregnancy, childbirth
Taweret–pregnancy, childbirth
Sung Tzu Niang-niang–“The lady who bestows children”
Chang Hsien–for boy children
Juno (Lucina)–for safe childbirth
Alemona–for a healthy unborn child
Obatala, Khnum–To shape a baby in the womb
Eileithyia–For a safe delivery

Animals and Plants:
Full moon, Water, Cow, hippo, burrowing owl, tadpole, Almond, hay, myrrh, babies breath

Herbs: red raspberry leaf

Lapis lazuli—healing and soothing; improves mental, physical, spiritual, pshycic and emotional health; in healing rituals, visualize the outcome (for a sick person—imagine them healthy, for a pregnancy visualize a healthy baby, ready to head out); stimulates uplifting emotions and gentleness; protective stone for children and the prevention of miscarriage
Bloodstone—(fire, Mars) projective; healing—especially for blood related or bleeding disorders; increases physical strength; strengthens courage, calming, relieves fear, eliminates anger; folklore suggests that when worn by farmers during planting it can increase their crop yield and when worn by women it can prevent miscarriage; also can be used to attract wealth and increase the effectiveness of spells and rituals
Moonstone—(water, the Moon/Venus) receptive, attracts protection and love; ensures restful sleep; worn during planting or watering or bury in the garden to ensure fertile and abundant growth, also buried at the roots of a tree, or tied to a branch it will encourage fruiting; protection in water and for travelers; enhances divination
Amber—(fire/spirit, the Sun) projective; thought to contain the life essence of deity; protective; ensures the safety and health of children; guards against negativity; strengthens spells; enhances beauty and attractiveness; increases enjoyment of pleasurable activities; promotes fertility and womb health; combats infertility in men; general protector of health and the prevention of many internal ailments; amber powder was once burned during childbirth to assist in labor and stop nose bleeds; increases strength; induces success in love and money matters
Coral—(water/spirit, Venus) receptive; promotes new growth; thought to contain the life essence of deity; assists in the regulation of female cycle; guards against accidents, violence, poison, theft, possession; promotes fertility; promotes life; healing—staunches bleeding, red coral supposedly pales to warn of bad health…in women it was said to brighten if menstruation was forthcoming; banishes nervousness, fear, anger, panic, depression and nightmares; promotes reason, courage, wisdom and peaceful sleep; ensures the future health of children if given as a gift; magically protects children if placed in their room; increases the yield of crops and protects them from bad weather and insects; attracts luck to the home; attracts love; protection in water

Orphic Hymn to Prothyraea

The Fumigation from Storax.
O venerable goddess, hear my pray’r, for labour pains are thy peculiar care;
In thee, when stretch’d upon the bed of grief, the sex as in a mirror view relief.
Guard of the race, endued with gentle mind, to helpless youth, benevolent and kind;
Benignant nourisher; great Nature’s key belongs to no divinity but thee.
Thou dwell’st with all immanifest to sight, and solemn festivals are thy delight.
Thine is the talk to loose the virgin’s zone, and thou in ev’ry work art seen and known.
With births you sympathize, tho’ pleas’d to see the numerous offspring of fertility;
When rack’d with nature’s pangs and sore distress’d, the sex invoke thee, as the soul’s sure rest;
For thou alone can’st give relief to pain, which art attempts to ease, but tries in vain;
Assisting goddess [Eileithyia], venerable pow’r, who bring’st relief in labour’s dreadful hour;
Hear, blessed Dian [Artemis], and accept my pray’r, and make the infant race thy constant care.

A Modern Blessing

Tiny bud, growing in love,
resting in the womb;
Unleashing spark, in the dark;
birthing yet to come;
Healthy child, grow awhile;
I keep you safe and strong;
Nature flows, this blessing grows;
to join our family before long.


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