I am not a  doctor and I am not a professional herbalist…if you plan to use this or any other herbal remedy, please consider consulting a medical or naturopathic professional, and know that you use any herbal rememdy at your own risk…DO YOUR RESEARCH…all herbal remedies may interact with medications or preexisting medical conditions…plus there is always the risk of having unknown allergies or intolerences…herbs are still drugs–even if they are “natural”, that doesn’t mean they are harmless…

Herbal Lesson #1

Carrier Oils

Greener Cleaning

Herbal Infusions and Preparations

Infusing Oils

Practice Safe Herbalism

Recommended Reading

Making salves

Making a Professional Grade Plant Press


Lemon Balm


Other Posts:

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Popcorn Magic

Love Potion #37

Edible Germiation


Herbal Remedies posts: Anxiety & Stress, Bitten!ENT issues, Funky Feet, for Babies,


Foraging/Local Plants Posts:

May Apples and Morels

Japanese Honeysuckle


Beach Peas and Sea Lettuce 

Paw Paw

Spring Greens


University of Maryland Medical Center Complimentary and Alternative Medicine Index
Pick Your Own
Local Harvest
Henriette’s Herbal
Homestead Garden
Got Mead?
Make Your Cosmetics
NIH’s Medline
National Center of Complimentary and Alternative Medicine
Botanical.com (online version of Mrs. Grieve’s Herbal)
Mother Nature
Online Field Guides @ e-nature
Bee Keeping Blog
Seed Savers Exchange
Dave’s Garden
Sustainable Table

Favorite Suppliers:
Mountain Rose Herbs


6 thoughts on “Herbal”

  1. Mr. Nobody said:

    You may also one day want to consider reviewing and adding to your list the beneficial herb Calamus. What you have on your page so far is of very good use and you’ve done a great job on writing about all the various uses of the herbs you’ve reviewed.

  2. Hello,
    Nice picture.

  3. Loving this website, just need more info and recipes for a praticing witch.

  4. Kimi Riegel said:

    The infusing link goes to your blog about the pledge. Great article and I still want the info about infusions.

    • I think, because the link was broken, it went back to the main page… Sorry about that, I’ve not updates some of the index-pages lately, and when changes get made, sometimes the links end up being old. I think I’ve fixed it…but I’ll take another look at it later. We are headed out for breakfast right now!

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