Defining Paganism
Pagan Views of Diety
Defining Witchcraft
Defining Magic
Nature Religion for Real (an article)
The Druid Paths
Pagan Apologetics (article)
A Booklist for Contemporary Pagans
The Delphic Maxims

My Perspectives on Paganism (posts):
Thalassa’s Guide for Newbies
The Pagan Checklist
My Kitchen Witch Manifesto
My 10 Pronouncements of Faith
Thoughts about Correspondences
Paganism’s 30 second Infomercial
Interfaith Etiquette
Netiquette for Faith Discussions
Raising Kids in Religion
What we can learn from Christians
Thoughts on Paying for Spiritual Services in Paganism
To Pagan or Not to Pagan?
So What the Heck are Pagansims Anyway?

Pagan Values Blogging Month topics:
Respect (2009)
Plurality (2009)
Sacredness (2009)
Experiential Gnosis (2009)
Hospitality (2011)
Integrity (2011)
Service (2011)
Conservation (2011)
my body is my temple (2012)
put your money where your mouth is (2012)
live where you are (2012)
pass it on (2012)

Pagan Blog Project Posts:
A–From the Arche (2013), ancestors and me (2014)
B–Loving Where You Live (2013), Bioregional Witchery (2014)
C–Cauldron of Consciousness (2013)
D–Divinity=Everything Ensouled (2013)
E–Existing in Equilibrium (2013)
F–Know your Flora and Fauna (2013)
G–Grokking it (2013), Thinking about Grace (2014)
H–Honest Consumption (2013)
I–I is for Wabi-sabi (2013)
J–Justification (2013)
K–A Tale of Karma (2013)
L–My Locus (2013)
M–Magic is Mysery (2013), Letter M Musings (2014)
O–O is for Offering (2013)
P–Places Need Witches (2013)
R–Roots (2013)
U–Un-the wild within (2013)

Magic and Ritual, etc:
Serving the Elements (part 1)Earth (part 2), Water (part 3)…Fire and Air are still in the works!
Writing Pagan Prayers: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3
A Lectio Divina for Pagans
Hair Mythology and Magic
My Wheel of the Year
Science, Magic, and Pragmatism

Popcorn Magic

Pagan Forum
Pagan Family Values
Downloadable Chants
Basic Elemental Correspondences
The Pentagram and The Hammer (article on Wicca and Asatru)
Nag Hammadi Library
Framing the Conversation about Paganism
Defending Your Faith, a blog post by AmethJera


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  1. christina said:

    Downloaded chants link does not work..:(

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