Walking With Your God

Walking With Your God:
A Long-term Devotional Project

This was a post a while back on Pagan Forum, which I was recently reminded of when one of our longtime members re-posted it.
Its a good project for Pagans starting a relationship with their deity, or for those who feel that their devotion or growth is plateauing. Feel free to add suggestions for those things that have helped you!

Compile a Resource List
• Internet Sites (sites that are dedicated to your God/dess, locations of useful information, pictures,etc)
• Books (material that is directly or indirectly about your God/dess)
• Songs and Music (historical or contemporary, instrumental, folk, or other forms); Films
• Sculptures, paintings, etc (artists, names of pieces, where they are located)

About Your God–Research & meditation
• Powers and Domains
• Symbols and Associations
• Aspects
• Festivals and Celebrations
• Mythology

Crafting and Creating
• Create evolving altar dedicated to God/dess
• Daily offerings (research and perform historical or contemporary offerings, and develop your own).
• Weekly offerings
• Meditations (daily, weekly, etc)
• Formal invocations for rituals (research historical and contemporary ones written by others, and write your own)
• Craft representations of the God/dess for every room in the home (this could be obvious or subtle!)
• Divination (divinatory systems specific to your God/dess)
• Create a God/dess drum rhythm or other music.
• Create a moving devotion to your God/ess–a dance, or yoga/tai chi-like meditation.
• Write poetry for your God/dess
• Write chants or songs for your God/dess
• Research and recreate traditional dress, ornamentation for priest/ess of your God/dess
• Create purification materials associated with your God/dess, such as oils, bath herbs, or soaps/
• Research or invent other craft projects associated with God/dess

Outward Focus/Sharing knowledge
• Identify role and interaction within God/dess’ native pantheon.
• Find a group of others that are devotees of the God/Goddess and explore their thoughts and interactions with the God/goddess.

Ritual and Celebration
• Write moon phase, seasonally, or astrologically/astronomically associate rituals for your God/dess for solitary and/or group use (if applicable).
• Write guided deep meditation to journey to God/dess
• Create children’s activities to introduce God/dess and possibly God/dess’ native culture/pantheon
• Write a festival celebration ritual for solitary or group use.
• Celebrate at least the God/dess’ most important festival.


Share your thoughts...I always try to respond, though sometimes I get distracted!! If that's the case, I apologize in advance...

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