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1. I believe that the uni(multi?)verse is the physical “body” of the Divine and that the nature of the Divine is essentially unknowable in its entirety.
2. I believe that the non-physical expression of the Divine is through unseen energies/powers/forces/elements (though these are probably inaccurate/inadequate terms as well) that we are (as of yet) unable to objectify.
3. I do not believe in dieties in the literal sense, but rather as anthropomorphic archetypes (generally embodying these forces) that we have created in order to interface with Divinity (I use Divine/Divinity because they are the least limiting terms in the English language with the least baggage that I have managed to come up with yet.).
4.  I believe that witchcraft is the interaction between the self and the essence of the Divine–and not *just* its physical ‘body’ and that it can be used as a pipeline/channel for one to use Divinity (whether it be via working with the archetypes or elements) to achieve a desired result
5.  I use witchcraft to achieve a sense of nuanaarpok/nuanaarpuq (an Inuit term with a multitude of spellings that means something akin to taking extravagant pleasure in the act of living) for myself and my family, to find the sacred in the mundane (and sometimes in the profane) in our everyday lives, and to make our home (and ourselves) a sacred space.

*caveat emptor*  unfortunately the English language is some what inadequate to express many things…IMO, in any discussion of spiritual ideas, this becomes even more evident…this being the case, I apologize  for being unable to properly express myself here.