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It seems apt, somehow, that our family celebrated Ostara late this year.  After all, we had snow that day.  And it is just this past week that we’ve consistently had temperatures over 50 degrees for more than two days in a row.  Perhaps even more telling than the vagaries of the thermometer, I’ve now been cursed at by a daddy-to-be goose protecting his nesting mate as I walked into work, the henbit and chickweed are blooming (yay, free smoothie greens!) and ready for foraging, and perhaps most importantly, the minions are getting restless with school and inside play and desperate to go to the beach…

First Tea of the Day: Green tea with chickweed and henbit (and honey)

Something I found on Facebook that made me lol:  10 Reasons Why You Should Never Get a Tattoo (but having a baby is fine)

And, in other news for the family, Chickadee is officially 7.  Her birthday party was last night–we are hosted the 2nd annual Mermaid Slumber Party.  The girls ate starfish pizza (from crescent rolls), decorated their own cupcakes, played outside with bubbles and those ribbon wand thingies (also hula hoops and jump ropes) wearing mermaid tails,  made jellyfish hats (which they also wore), and watched Disney movies into the wee hours of the morning.  This morning, they were *still* up at the crack of dawn and we had French toast, which they ate in the “undersea forts” they built of “seaweed” (blankets), and made candy sushi (to take home).

I’m exhausted.  The house is a wreck.

A Random App Recommendation: Toca Labs–its a free app that lets kids “discover” the elements of the periodic table by virtually heating, centrifuging, electrocuting, freezing, or adding chemicals little atom guys.  My only complaint is that they have a sort of Sims language thing going on, rather than telling the used the actual element name when its discovered.

But its really cute.  And its free.  And it kills time in the waiting room at the doctor’s office.

Tarot Card of the Day: Page of Cups

It took some hunting to find a Page of Cups that I *really* liked, but here we go…

Page of Cups from Shadowscapes Tarot, ©Stephanie Pui-Mun Law (shared with permission)

Page of Cups from Shadowscapes Tarot, ©Stephanie Pui-Mun Law
(shared with permission)

The Page of Cups is a sign of high emotion and beginnings.  It could signify a new love, or a creative endeavor, or the arrival of a catalyst or messenger for change (of the emotional upheaval sort).  As a person, the Page of Cups is a child-like dreamer, capable of great intuition and depth of feeling as well as (reversed) great emotional immaturity.  In a reading, context is everything as this card can take on a myriad of possible meanings.

Some random advice on clothing that I really like (that I found while looking for tutorials on doing victory rolls):

(This is geared towards 50’s/rockabilly/pin-up/vintage dressing, but really, you could put “steampunk” or “hippie” in for “vintage” in her schpiel and its true)

Moment of Zen: A somewhat sleepy review of Philip Carr-Gom’s Wild Wisdom Meditations: I recently purchased this as an MP-3 via Amazon (it is also available on iTunes and CDbaby), and I really like it.  I’m pretty sure I’d love it, if I had a better time than bedtime to listen to it…instead, I end up so into it and relaxed that I fall asleep in some of the most pleasant places to start dreaming!!!  So, I guess that is still a good thing, right?

A prayer for Spring:

Spring dances change into the turning of the year, into the turning of our lives.  She shrugs off the slumber of winter and warms the cold earth with a cloak of flowers. Some changes we anticipate with eagerness, and some we plan with equisite detail.  But some come unwanted, with pain and reluctance. To all these changes, Spring brings us the gift of perspective, beckoning us to expectation, hope, and rebirth.

Goddess, may your sunlight and the rain be reminders that as the Earth is renewing, so can we.

(by thalassa)


In which tired momma is tired:

I had planned to write a bit more…but I think its time for a nap.

Plus, the hubby is on 2nd shift right now, and working 12 hour nights overtime this weekend, and its sort of my only chance to curl up with him for a bit.

The kids are fed and watching a movie together for a bit, so they will keep for me to take a wee cat nap (and hopefully nod off themselves).