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A Big Thank You: Goes to Neferet @ Stay for a Spell, whom (or is it who…I’m so bad at that!) has graciously given me a blog award!!

The “rules” of the award are as follows:

1.  Display the award certificate on your website.
2.  Announce your win with a post and include a link to whoever presented your award.
3.  Present 7 awards to deserving bloggers.  Create a post linking to them and drop them a comment to tip them off.
4.  Post 7 interesting facts about yourself.

AH! This is always so hard…I like so many blogs, for so many different reasons!! Okay…I’ll start off with the easy part.

7 facts about me:

  • I’m horribly allergic to cats.  Horribly.  So horribly that its not enough to not pet a cat, I can’t even be in a house where a cat lives or be around a person with a cat unless they are wearing freshly laundered clothing without paying a price for it later (or stuffing myself full of antihistamines beforehand).
  • I love Rainier cherries.  Normally I’m down with whatever the local farmer’s market has for our summer fruit an veggie fare.  For the few things I do buy at the grocery store that aren’t local and are out of season during the summer, I’m pretty economical–bananas and oranges mostly.  But.  For a few weeks each July, I splurge.  Rainier cherries are my one weakness.  They seriously taste like the epitome of summer time.
  • I don’t have a favorite band.  Apparently this is weird.  I love music, and enjoy quite a few genres of music…I have a number of “favorite” songs…but I’ve never been *into* a band.
  • I’ve fallen off the green-wagon a little bit the past month, between my health issues and my new job, which happens to be mostly outside (heat wave+outdoor job+health issues=too tired to make an effort to go the extra mile)…and for the things we *have* kept up, its been more about being cheap than being environmentally friendly.
  • I make the hubby drive as often as possible.  I’d rather read a book or something.  It drives him crazy because he’s not one of those guys that thinks he needs to be the one behind the wheel.  And he says I’m a side-seat driver.
  • I will not be voting for Mitt Romney.  This includes voting for any third party that might split the vote away from our current President.  Barack Obama may not be my favorite president, and I might not agree on everything he has done thus far…but he scares me far less than a man with so few principles that he is willing to completely and utterly flip-flop on all of them just to get nominated.  Including his own health care plan, gay marriage, working women, women’s health, religion, and I could go on.  The only place where he hasn’t flip-flopped is his own anti-American, anti-family and anti-worker business practices.  As far as I am concerned, Mitt Romney is an example of all that is wrong with this country and its political and economic systems–which put us in this economic mess in the first place.
  • I love my new job.  Don’t get me wrong, right now it sucks because its OUTSIDE in a HEAT WAVE in one of the HOTTEST summers of one of the HOTTEST decades on record…but the job itself is awesome.  I seriously get to talk to people about a giant ship, being in the Navy, and how cool the Chesapeake Bay is.  And I get paid to do it.

Recommended Reading (AKA-who I give this award to): I’m passing this award on to a couple of blogs that I follow fairly regularly, a couple of them are homesteading/homemaking sort of blogs, a couple are Pagan blogs, and a couple are mom/homeschooling blogs (and some of them overlap a bit)… Some of their authors probably don’t even know that I’m a lurking reader (so this might be a surprise), but I enjoy them all because they give me something to think about that I might not have otherwise!!
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Hopefully I managed to notify everyone…if not, and you get here because you are notified of a linky, I apologize! The hubby did some rewiring of the system while I was typing, and I lost connection for a few. Sometimes we can be buggy when that happens.

Some very random, ranting, rambling thoughts from today: Today was one of those days that didn’t feel like a day off.

Which sucks, because I just worked in 100 degree heat index on a giant un-air conditioned metal box for two days, and tomorrow start another three days in a row. Long days, I might add, because we have the most awesome group of gentlemen and their wives and families that will be our guests at the museum for the rest of the week.

And I haven’t even seen a pay check yet, due to some issues with the accounting department. This will be remedied shortly…but it still sort of stinks in the meantime–my pantry is growing bare, and that sort of sends me into a mental tizzy.

Also, we just found out today that Miss February won’t be able to watch the kids for the rest of the month, leaving us in a total scramble to find a baby sitter. Its taken care of now, but…

Lets just say, its been a rough day and we all went to McDonald’s because its all we could afford and I really didn’t want to face cooking and dishes.  Now my tummy hurts.

Oh, and my mother-in-law will be here Friday for a fly-by family weekend.

And my health issues aren’t improving–I ended up in the ER again last week (bad enough that I couldn’t even last until my doctor’s appointment later that same day). I ended up with 5 breathing treatments, on another round of prednisone, and we still have no idea what is causing it or why. Except now, I’ve had hives coming and going in a constantly itching misery since my trip to the ER…and they’ve been spreading.

I should be investing in Benadryl…and searching for my sanity!

Enough of the Ranting, some Happy Thoughts: So, in the chaos of today, I took the kids to the park. I wish I had their energy, and their inability to care about the heat and humidity!

They seriously ran up the giant hill and rolled back down at the part at least a dozen times. We “camped out” at a picnic shelter between the giant hill and the playground next to a day camp group, and I thank goodness for them! The kids had a blast making new friends with “big kids” and the teachers were fantastic–if I have to put the kids in a summer program ever, I know who I’m calling. They were so tired out, they both took a nap. It would have been awesome, if only the nap hadn’t been in the car, while I was running around like a chicken with my head cut off, lol.

Tips for Beating the Heat Oudoors:

  • Invest in a dollar store spray bottle, fill with cold water–instant “mister” sprays down kids to help them stay cool while running amok.  Spray yourself too.  (I learned this one today, from the summer campers)
  • Remember those neckerchiefs that were so popular in the 80’s and early 90’s?  The ones with the beads that bulk up in cool water and become this weird gel that stays cool for a while?  Yeah…they still make them.  Get one.  Fill up a bucket of ice water and keep them handy (we do this at work).
  • Wear light colors, in natural, light-weight fabrics.  Layer up if you plan to spray yourself a lot…white t-shirt contests aren’t all that attractive sober.
  • HYDRATE HEALTHFULLY!!  Drink water, replace electrolytes, avoid caffeine and sodium.  Fruit waters are GREAT for this.
  • Wear sunscreen, and re-apply it frequently!

And little oops…I have gotten a bit behind my mental schedule for the blog again!   And, I’d meant to include some “regular” features in these weekly Musings posts–like a Tarot Card draw, Herb of the Week, Deity of the Week, etc…  Ah well, I’ll get around to it next time!

Have a Great Day!

Oh!  And a last thought (quote): 
I can’t change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination.
~Jimmy Dean